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Let me tell you about us…

Real Good Food is part of the Real Good Catering family that owns Real Good Food as well as LunchOrders. We are an innovative Waikato-based start up company that is founded upon philanthropic principles, passionate about doing business for good. We exist to provide cost effective, healthy and nutritious lunches directly to work places.

Really we are just a bunch of people, passionate about good food, wanting to make the world a slightly better place! We have even got some fancy language you find in business books below (apparently people lend you money if you can spout the fancy stuff!).  Have a read and feel free to be impressed!


To empower people to eat well, think well and be well.


To create easy solutions for people to access to healthy, cost effective lunches.   


We achieve this by:

  • Supplying cost effective, delicious and nutritious meals for people in workplaces through an online internet based ordering platform.
  • Providing a wide range of allergy-friendly food available to purchase
  • Educating and equipping people to make affordable and easy healthy meals. 

So there it is! Sounds nice and official doesn't it? If you really want to get know us check out our facebook page and share this exciting journey with us!! So to all of you, from all of us at Real Good Food - Thank you for stopping by and using our service!

The Real Good Food Team

(Sammie and Rick)


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